Ansar Khan

Ornithological leader


Ansar was born and raised in nature’s womb at Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, where his father, one of the famous ornithologists in India, has introduced him into the avian world by birding together from the very young age of 7. Consequently, he developed a great appreciation and passion for birds and wildlife that fuel him to this day. Ansar profoundly believes that the involvement of local people is a primary key to conservation. Therefore, he founded his organization, “The Life Line for Nature Society” which contributes to local employment and wildlife conservation around Bharatpur.

Ansar is a keen birder, and his passion has led him into becoming a professional guide. So far, he has been leading tours in India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa, and Europe. Moreover, Ansar is an experienced professional guide for a striking 20 years, making him one of the leading birders in the region. He has led tours for Rockjumper, VENT, and Birdquest. At the moment, Ansar’s bird count contains over 2000 species. Apart from birding, Ansar enjoys photographing wild nature. His outstanding photographing abilities are recognized in both India and far beyond. Since his first venture abroad in 2016, Ansar discovered his interest in traveling and visiting new destinations all around the globe. To his mind, traveling abroad is an excellent way of making new friends and experiencing the uniqueness of various cultures. In the future, Ansar hopes to visit South America, combining leisure birding with a unique travel experience. 

Ansar is an adept birder with vast experience and a passion for wildlife. In the field, he finds joy in the process of mutual learning with clients as well as sharing his profound knowledge. A perfect guide for your trip throughout Central Asia!